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Golden Smile Adult Day Care is highly informed and educated on ways to improve your health and well-being. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced team.


Our social activities at a glance




Guests speakers on a variety of subjects are scheduled on an ongoing basis to ignite interest and social re-entry


Seniors today are being left out of the modern age through advancements in technology. What a simple Google search can accomplish is taken for granted today. Many seniors have never even turned on a computer let alone performed Search or even Word Processing functions.

Our programs are focused on sharing the basic knowledge of computer and internet use. Our program helps seniors realize a new world of empowerment. AtGolden Smile Adult Day Care we provide computer knowledge courses that will help our seniors to:

  • Use basic computer functions
  • Using Word Processor for correspondence
  • Sending and Receiving Emails
  • Use Video Conferencing software (Great to see the Grandkids miles away.)
  • Searching the Internet


Board games come in many shapes and sizes. Basic strategy games like Chess, Checkers, Puzzles, Backgammon, Scrabble and Dominos are wonderful in helping seniors enjoy their time together.


Dice and Card games are truly a cultural phenomenon. The same deck of cards used by people from different cultures reveals a treasure trove of various different games played within that culture. With a single deck of cards people from different cultures can explore one another’s cultures for the first time.


At Golden Smile we are proud to provide our seniors with several large pieces of entertainment equipment. We currently have two full size Pool (Billiards) Tables and a Foosball Table for those who prefer a more physical game to show off their skills.



A specially selected set of exercises are given by a specialized professional by Silver Sneekers




Bingo is a great social experience. Besides the rejuvenating thrill of winning the positive effects of mental concentration are priceless.

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